Your occasional writer…

I, Woflhound, am far more handsome and desirable to womenfolk- than the Author here could ever have wished to be. .

Within these articles is a map which clearly shows that my strict budgeted odyssey, comprised only a quarter, or perhaps less, of a very interesting globe.

I am also aware that there is a slight western world flavour, within these pages.  That is purely due to the limits of  time and travel ops to date; and not to the limits of imagination.

Of course, there is a personal story, I’m dying to share, or rather that is, share before I die.  I may in time, either here, or on another platform, be inclined to speak a little from it.  Maybe ?   As there are less grains of sand, it often appears-than stories of ‘survivors against the odds’ ; I’ll wait awhile (as Fate laughs) until I have the will to write an auto-bio piece.

For now….

I thank you, for dropping by.





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